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Renaissance Paintings: Sales from $10 on Aliexpress

Renaissance is a wonderful era, where arts of all kinds: paintings, sculpture, poetry where invigorated after a long centuries of Middle Ages. Unlike Middle Ages, renaissance painters are finally started to use proper perspective, drawing realistic landscapes and lifelike portraits for the first time in history. They broke up with old tradition of sacral art, drawing upon mythological and secular themes. This is what made renaissance masters such popular: the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Donatello and thousands of other Italian, French and Flemish became synonymous with masterpieces of – mostly oil – painting.

For the same reasons renaissance paintings are popular in homes, decorating walls since 500 hundred years. If you always wanted to get some Old Masters on your wall, now is the best time to do that, as you can get this artwork deliverd straight to you with free online shipping from China. Take a glimpse at the wonderful world of Renaissance and see what you can snap from popular Aliexpress. Starting at just $10, these prints will get your home splendour of old glory – all this delivered for literally just a few bucks!

Renaissance Painting Sales

raffaello painting sale

Raffaello’s Transfiguration, 1520. This fine art print presents transfiguration of Christ and it’s considered one of the Raffaello’s masterpieces. This scene full of passion and hope is available in large size 24″ x 36″, it would look great on any living room where you need to add some renaissance religious design. Excellent print quality, and importantly, it’s just $37.05 with free shipping to US from China.

raffaello painting on sale

Rennaissance Women Portraits prints painted by Raphael Santi and other painters. These kind of portraits were usually commissioned by wealthy merchant and noblemen for their wives and lovers in Italy or France and fortunately for us, many of these masterpieces remained to our times. Sold by about $12 – $20 a piece (depending on size) and printed on very high quality canvas material.

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Da Vinci’s Lady with Ermine – it’s one of the most popular paintings from Leonardo da Vinci, and it depicts mistress of Ludovico Sforza, patron that commissioned the artwork in 1489. This is one of the world’s most valuable painting and original is displayed in Polish National Museum in Cracow. Interesting fact is that during XVth century cats weren’t as popular as now and often people kept ermines as pets, that also hunted mice. Available from Aliexpress JUUKEA Art Store that features excellent selection of artwork from many styles and designs – not only renaissance.

Few Tips when Buying Paintings from Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a shopping portal from China, where sellers exhibits their items, similar to Amazon Marketplace. It features excellent customer service and most importantly free shipping. When buying your art painting prints or even real oil paintings from Chinese workshops, the most important thing to consider is seller’s rating (recommended to buy from sellers with more than 90% rating). Additionaly, take a look at the comments to see what other buyers think about the quality. And if you haven’t bought from China yet, you can read this guide on shopping guide to Aliexpress.

Read also description to see how the painting is packed and send – most times it’s delivered rolled in tube, which is safe way to provide your shipment. When in doubt, just ask seller a question, using messaging feature – they’re are always happy to help.

There are hundreds of sellers that offers these kind of paintings, so dive in and take a look at all the fantastic paintings you can find.


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