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DIY Painting by Numbers: Create a Masterpiece Easily!

Have you ever wanted to be the new Bob Ross but still you don’t have the abilities (or maybe patience) to create landscape masterpieces? Now you can, with this quirky DIY painting sets, made with technique called “Painting by Numbers”. It’s totally Do-It-Yourself, and you will be able to pull off beautiful paintings easily, having a lot of fun at the same time – which is also great for training your skills. Take a look at what’s this technique is about and see coolest paining-by-numbers sets from Aliexpress.

Painting by Numbers – how it works?

canvas paint numbers aliexpress

Quality canvas with numbers indicating where to paint each color.

This kind of art is basically a sophisticated coloring book, where you get set of about 20 paints and a canvas to paint it on, with lineart or sketch, to guide you which areas you should paint.

acrylic paints numbers

Paints are typically good quality and each color is indicated by a number. There are plenty of paint in each container, so after completing the picture, there should be more than half paint left – no worry about having not enough paint. They’re thick acrylic, so should be diluted by water on a pallette and if you want to substitute them with your own, no problem.

paint numbers aliexpress

And the process is pretty straightforward – follow the numbers to paint the canvas.

set paint

Set contains even brushes, so everything you need to paint is inside.


diy frame

You can also add DIY frame, typically offered in these sets for just a few bucks more – not tools needed, maybe a hammer at most.

Importantly, getting all these sets from Aliexpress is easy, with free shipping worldwide and you can get these sets for literally a few bucks.  Aliexpress is a popular shopping portal where Chinese sellers offer their items for low price. The only drawback is that shipping travels typically 2-4 weeks from China, but if you’re not in a hurry and can wait, that  shouldn’t be a problem, especially considering you’re getting free shipping even on small orders.

Painting by Numbers sets from Aliexpress

Here are some of the most popular Painting by Numbers set, that you can grab with free shipping worldwide, available from reputable sellers.

mediterranean landscape

Mediterranean Landscape – Sized 40 x 50 cm  and just $5.66 with free shipping worldwide, though there is no frame option. This most popular PbN artwork on Aliexpress was sold 1500 times, and has great reviews with average rating 4.8.

paris artwork

And there are more interesting DIY artwork from the same seller, like this Paris scenery above.

painting diy

Do you like cats? You’ll love this one. $6.68 unframed or $12 framed, and as usual, everything is included for your painting.

studio ghibli painting aliexpress

Ethereal moon landscape. This DIY painting looks like it could be taken from Studio Ghibli anime and has outstanding charm. Many variants are available, with sizes from 40 x 50 cm to 60 x 75 cm, with or without frame.


Romantic cherry tree at noon. About $12 with free shipping worldwide for big size 60×75 cm or $12 more for optional frame. It will look great in your bedroom.

Landscape at the river

Landscape at the river. Very colorful and depending on choice of frame or not, $6 to $12 with free delivery.

There are many more DIY artworks on Aliexpress, so click the button below to see more if you’re interested. Enjoy your painting and have lots of fun with your hobby!

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