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Chinese Calligraphy sets on a Budget: It’s Easy

Calligraphy is very old hobby and actually a full-time profession during Middle Ages and even in antiquity. Old medieval books neatly inscribed by dominican monks in European monasteries are today masterpieces of calligraphy, while on the other continent, in the courts in Asia, Japan and Korea the art of handwriting became a skill that every nobleman had to acquire.

Today, calligraphers are connecting online through communities like Reddit and Facebook to showcase their handwriting. Typically calligraphy sets are expensive, however with Aliexpress you can save a lot more than buying in brick and mortar stores. See our selection of chinese calligraphy tools and paper and discover fantastic deals from this portal. Take note, that while you’re getting free shipping (even when ordering for just 5 bucks), deliveries are quite slow, as they come straight from China, so expect two – three weeks for your parcel to be delivered.

Calligraphy brushes on Aliexpress

calligraphy aliexpress

This fantastic set of natural hair brushes contains 6 pieces of brushes made from bamboo in three sizes. Just $1.96 per set, and they’re probably best bang for the buck, as it’s hard to find better brushes for the low price. Bristles are very soft, allowing you to produce elegant strokes.

thin brush

Thin brushes  – Only $1.85 per lot and they’re suitable for calligraphy, oil and acrylic painting. 3 pcs per set and currently 30% off.

brushes tank water

Water brushes. This is an interesting brush set, as it works by drawing paint into small tank and then pushing it up to get various effects. Works best with water based paints, especially watercolors. Small and handy, they’re very good quality. Only $1.28 per set, so definitely worth trying.


Calligraphy stores on Aliexpress

There are also some sellers that specialize in calligraphy, and it’s worth checking them out. These stores offer great prices, free shipping and some very interesting selection that covers not only brushes, but also fountain pens, paper and other tools.

3. Write Home Store

aliexpress writing home store

This store exists on Aliexpress for more than 4 years, and has great ratings, with average 96% on all items sold. Has excellent selection of pens from Chinese brands like Jinhao and WingSung and it’s perfect small orders store, as many of its products are less than $1, with free delivery worldwide.

2. China Pens

china pens

The name is pretty self explanatory – they’re Chinese company that sell pens. From office implements to art supplies, there are thousands of items starting from literally 50 cents with free shipping to US or Europe.

1. Ms Rao Monopoly Brand Pens

Number one destination when it comes to pens of all kinds on Aliexpress. Ballpoint pens, fountain pens, roller pens and also stuff like pencils and rulers. Great price for all items, especially in big wholesale sets.

ms rao monopoly pens

Go ahead and see all calligraphy sets on Aliexpress by clicking the button below. Remember, that many sellers offer additional discounts, so be sure to check their stores for coupons and when in doubt, ask seller a question, by clicking button on the product page. Have fun with writing!

calligraphy sets free shipping

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