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Anime Posters and Prints from Aliexpress: Starting at $1

It’s hard not to binge watch anime, as titles such as Dragonball Z or One Piece have everlasting charm and a gripping story that appeal to anyone. And works of Hayao Miyazaki from Ghibli studio such as My Neihgbour Totoro are simply cinematic masterpieces with fans everywhere. If you’re an otaku (anime, manga and Japanese culture fan) and want to decorate your house with some of the best anime prints and posters out there, be sure to check Aliexpress, as these Chinese sellers have everything you need for any dedicated.

From mainstream anime that you can find on Netflix like Full Metal Alchemist to some more obscure topics, like posters from pretty much unknown yaoi gay games, it’s easy to pick up anything your heart desire. Most anime gadgets are manufactured in China anyway, so why not skip middlemen, the expensive manga & anime stores and buy directly from manufacturer? Aliexpress allows you to pick it up with big discount and typically inexpensive or even free delivery.  Ready for some home renovation with otaku artefacts? See the list below and discover most popular items.

Anime posters on Aliexpress: Otaku Paradise

laputa poster

Laputa: Castle in the Sky retro poster: This retro-style poster fits perfectly steampunk-themed anime and it was drawn in distinct style known from pre-war cinema. Just $1.1 with free delivery, sized 51 x 35 cm. Excellent quality, really worth framing.

totoro anime poster

“My Neighbor Totoro” is one of the most popular anime, with wholesome, magical theme. This poster from the same seller as above, features main character including eponymous monster. Check out also other prints at the same product pages, as besides these two, you can grab a dozen other Studio Ghibli posters from your favorite anime.

Yakuza cat

Yakuza-cat posters – who doesn’t like cats! Especially if they’re drawn like Yakuza bosses, ready to pounce on the unwary mice or racket some travelers. 20 posters to choose from, sized 42 x 30 cm. $2 a piece, with free delivery worldwide.

one punch man

One Punch Man poster (+ a couple other characters) – Packed into rigid tube, printed on 150 g craft paper and available with free delivery. Intense and vivid colors. Saitama is everyone’s favorite, so this one is really popular, with more than 200 sold.

my hero academia scroll

My Hero Academia Scroll: Scrolls are traditional Japanese decor items and while usually they depicted some landscape or characters for luck or such, this one is a bit more unusual. It contains MHA heroes that can be hunged on the wall. Sized 33 x 22 cm and can be easily hung on the wall.

dragonball poster

Dragonball poster: This majesti print not only looks fantastic, it embodies otaku culture like no other poster. Why hang some boring landscape or Da Vinci print, when you can get glorious Goku on your walls? Contains 5 pieces as seen above in 4 size: from small to 40 x 100 cm big – price depends on sizes. Available framed or without frames. More than 1000 orders make it one of the most popular otaku item on Aliexpress.

print rick morty

Seller Yin & JG has other five-tychs like this Rick & Morty print so recommended to check it out too.

Interested in picking out some other anime prints or maybe otaku gadgets like rude cat t-shirt or magic the gathering bootlegs? Take a look at anime gear available on Aliexpress and pick anything your Japanese soul fancy!

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